The 5th Harbourfront Bike Ride

Enabling the Harbourfront



第五度無污染香港單車遊於2011年12月17日給港島區海旁規劃及興建環保單車走廊再上路,主題: Enabling the Harbourfront(釋放海濱遊!)

On Saturday 17 December 2011, we will be riding again to call for the implementation of the Harbourfront Cycleway on Hong Kong Island.

Since our first ride in 2007, many people have urged the inclusion of a cycleway along the Hong Kong waterfront.  Despite this widespread support, the Government continues to reject the plan.  A short section of path is planned for reclaimed land in Central but is presently (deliberately) isolated, and not even certain. In the Eastern section, plans mention ‘cycling tracks’ that are in fact simply play areas of a few hundred metres, completely isolated.
We are now at another critical stage in the implementation of the cycleway as the plans for the Eastern Harbourfront are soon to be finalised.

Ride details :

Start point :- Sai Ning Street, Temporary Recreation Ground, Kennedy Town (about 500m further west from the previous start)

Destination:- Sai Wan Ho Harbour Park

Ride programme

13:00 – Rental bikes – collect and test.

13:30 – Cyclists gather, view Exhibition of Cycleway Alignment Proposal at Sai Ning Street, Temporary Recreation Ground, Kennedy Town

14:00 – Press and participant briefing

14:30 – Depart from Kennedy Town Temporary Recreation Ground

15:00 – Deliver petition at new Government offices

16:00 – second stop, just past North Point Ferry Piers

17:00 – Arrive at Sai Wan Ho Harbour Park


As on all the previous rides, we will follow a route that keeps as close to the harbour as possible. This year has a few changes, such as the new Lung Wo Road from Tamar to Fenwick Pier. (It’s nearer to the harbour than the old road. )

This route identified will be used for the communication with police force and in the marshal rehearsal with them. A final ride route will be announced shortly before the ride date. The marshal team will also be guiding you along the whole journey for any help you need.


Bikes are allowed on Tung Chung line, East Rail and Ma On Shan Line. It’s safest with the wheel on; if you are asked to take it off, maybe explain that.

On West Rail, you take your chances.  This is wrong and bad and unfair, and HKCAll is working hard to reverse it as soon as possible.

Bikes on the underground lines are mostly ok in normal times, though probably not actually allowed. (Move smoothly and courteously, and take your helmet off.) However with so many cyclists around, MTR staff may be alert and stop you. Only try it if you are ready to have that discussion.


If you will be cycling home after the ride, you’ll need lights. Sunset is 5.40pm next Saturday, and police will likely stop you if you are not illuminated.


If you don’t have your own bike, we can arrange to have a rental one waiting for you at the start point and collected at the end. Only 200 bikes are available, on a ‘first-come-first-served’ basis. On the last ride, many more than this were requested, so hurry to book yours.

* The bike rental fee is HK$200 (HK$100 for rental + technical back up and transportation, plus HK$100 deposit (to be returned when bike is returned). (If half way through the ride you feel you’ve had enough, you can drop the bike off and collect your deposit then.)

* To secure a rental bike, please act before 3 Dec 2011:
Deposit HK$200 per bike into HSBC account: 607 133063 888 ‘ (Thanks to Andrew Brill for the use of this account.)
Email your bank receipt to with the rider(s) full name(s).
We will send you a ‘Registration Confirmation’ to use when you pick your bike up at the start of the ride. Please bring it with you!

For all other enquiries about the event, please email:

Initiated and organised by:

* A Green Harbourfront Cycle Path for Hong Kong Island

* Hong Kong Cycling Alliance

* HKCI.Net


* SportSoho –

* Roundtable Responsible Travellers –

* Designing Hong Kong –

* –

* Land Justice League –



Hon. Albert Ho Chun Yan

Hon. Wong Shing Chi
Hon. Kam Nai Wai

District Council:

Central & Western District Councilor – Mr Kam Nai Wai, Ms Cheng Lai King
Sourthern Distrist Councilor – Mr Paul Zimmerman


1. Central Harbourfront Cycle Path to Go Ahead, Says Government

2. Government Press release: Legco Meeting Agenda: Cycling Policy and Facilitation

3. Harbourfront Cycleway IEC proposal (Chinese)

4. Harbourfront Cycleway IEC proposal (English)


‘A Green Harbourfront Cycle Path for Hong Kong Island’

History of the Harbourfront Bike Ride for Pollution Free Hong Kong:

2007 – First ride :

2008 – Second ride:

2008 – Third ride:
Campaign ‘Burn Fat, Not Oil’ for Pollution Free Hong Kong’ page:

2010 – Fourth ride:
Feb-12 The 4th Harbourfront Bike Ride for Pollution Free Hong Kong:
YouTube link :

For all enquiries about the event, please email:

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