The 7th harbourfront Bike Ride

Enabling the Harbourfront



你不必是一個「發燒友」或經常騎單車者 – 歡迎來一同享受在我們美麗的海濱踏單車。

請與您所有的朋友、家人、心愛的人及同事分享。張貼在您的FB頁面、發訊息給他們、寄發電郵、打電話問他們 – 你甚至可以與他們交談,請記下這個單車約會;2015年11月29日

The next Harbourfront Bike Ride, in support of the Harbourfront Cycleway, is on:
29 November 2015
Meet from 10:00am; ride briefing 11:00pm
Ride starts: 11:30am.
From: Kennedy Town Temporary Recreation Ground
You don’t have to be a ‘keen’ or regular cyclist – just would like to be able to enjoy our wonderful harbour on a bike.
Bikes available to rent!

Please share this with all of your friends, family, lovers and work colleagues. Post in on your FB page, message them, email them, phone them ask them – hey you could even talk to them, just mark down this cycling appointment on 29 November 2015.

Ride details :

Start point :- Sai Ning Street, Temporary Recreation Ground, Kennedy Town 

Destination:- Sai Wan Ho Harbour Park

Ride programme

10:00 – Rental bikes – collect and test.

10:30 – Cyclists gather, view Exhibition of Cycleway Alignment Proposal at Sai Ning Street, Temporary Recreation Ground, Kennedy Town

11:00 – Press and participant briefing

11:30 – Depart from Kennedy Town Temporary Recreation Ground

15:30 – second stop, just past North Point Ferry Piers

16:30 – Arrive at Sai Wan Ho Harbour Park


As on all the previous rides, we will follow a route that keeps as close to the harbour as possible. This year has a few changes, such as the new Lung Wo Road from Tamar to Fenwick Pier. (It’s nearer to the harbour than the old road. )

This route identified will be used for the communication with police force and in the marshal rehearsal with them. A final ride route will be announced shortly before the ride date. The marshal team will also be guiding you along the whole journey for any help you need.


Bikes are allowed on Tung Chung line, East Rail, West rail and Ma On Shan Line. It’s safest with the wheel on; if you are asked to take it off, maybe explain that.

Bikes on the underground lines are allowed. Move smoothly and courteously, and take your helmet off.


If you will be cycling home after the ride, you’ll need lights. Sunset is 5:40pm, and police will likely stop you if you are not illuminated.



本活動將現時未有單車但希望參加此活動的朋友租借, 先登記者得,登記方法如下:

* 當日租車費每架HK$300 (HK$100 租車、後勤支援及運輸費,HK$200租車按金(可於還車時取回)。起點取車,可選中途或終點還車。



* 其他必須注意事項:

Want to participate, but without a bicycle?

Bike rental (limited supply).
For reservation:

* a charge of HK$300 per bicycle ($100 for bicycle rental, logistical support and transportation costs, $200 rental deposit (refundable at the return of the bicycle). Pick up the bicycle at the starting point and return if at the end of the ride.

* Please email for details

Please note that only holders of a “bicycle reservation confirmation” can take a bicycle. Rental requests on the day cannot be met. Please understand.

By law, children under 11 years old must be accompanied by an adult.

For all other enquiries about the event, please email:

Initiated and organised by:

A Green Harbourfront Cycle Path for Hong Kong Island

Hong Kong Cycling Alliance



* SportSoho –

* Designing Hong Kong –

Give your time:

Note: Can you help with preparation and/or on the event day? We are looking for extra team members!
* Promotion: online: cycling community on Facebook, public forums, or any other channel to tell everyone about the event), poster display (help to deliver and display posters in bike shops all over HK)
* 20 event management crew at start and end sites (for venue set-up, rental bike distribution/ collecting, crowd managing ….)
* Marshals (requirement: can ride a bike competently; some common sense)
* Van driver with van to provide road support for the ride


* 香港大學做的港島北岸單車徑規劃建議研究
Urban planning case study of Bike Lane proposal along Hong Kong Island coastline

* 請參閱:東區海濱長廊+單車走廊走線建議
Proposal to include cycleway in Eastern Harbourfront development請廣傳及有關走線建議的意見,請到

Campaign photo archive:

3. Harbourfront Cycleway IEC proposal (Chinese)

4. Harbourfront Cycleway IEC proposal (English)

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‘A Green Harbourfront Cycle Path for Hong Kong Island’

History of the Harbourfront Bike Ride for Pollution Free Hong Kong:

2007 – First ride :

2008 – Second ride:

2008 – Third ride:
Campaign ‘Burn Fat, Not Oil’ for Pollution Free Hong Kong’ page:

2010 – Fourth ride:
Feb-12 The 4th Harbourfront Bike Ride for Pollution Free Hong Kong:
YouTube link :

For all enquiries about the event, please email: